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    • Harp Column Interviews Germaine Lorenzini

      Interview with French pedagogue Germaine Lorenzini, plus a harpists Survival Guide; Spring Cleaning for harpists; remembering Anne Adams and Ron Price; listening to new recordings by Valerie Milot and Carrol McLaughlin; introducing our new column "Tech Talk" by harp technician Mike Lewis; Music Review, Strange But True Harp Stories, and more!

    • Harp Column Interviews the Fleisher Family

      Interview with the Fleisher family (Deborah, Dickie, Leah Fleisher, and Kayo Ishamura) after their debut performance of a new four-harp concerto conducted by their father, Leon Fleisher. Plus, harpists share their musical "comfort food," five easy fixes for your harp; good marking practices for rental harp parts; debating whether to charge for playing at a student's wedding; arranger profile with Darhon Rees-Rorbacher; reviews of CDs by Agnes Clement and Elizabeth Hainen; plus music reviews, Strange But True Harp Story, and more!

    • Harp Column Interviews Allegra Lilly

      Interview with Allegra Lilly, new Principal Harpist with the St. Louis Symphony; plus, celebrating 25 years with the Debussy Trio; finding the perfect harp; arranger profile with Sunita Staneslow; a harpist's call to service; how to handle clients who ask you to refer a student; new CDs from Remy van Kesteren and Cristina Braga, and more.

    • Harp Column Interviews Remy van Kesteren

      Interview with 2013 USA International Harp Competition Gold Medal winner Remy van Kesteren; plus updates on previous USAIHC winners; national Gig Rates Survey; College Harp Program Listings update; arranger profile with Rhett Barnwell; handling requests to play for charity; and more.

    • Harp Column Interviews Erin Hill

      Interview with Erin HIll; plus our comprehensive 2013 guide to college harp programs; "ten things I wish I knew before I went to college", part two of our series on tuning; review of American Harp by Yolanda Kondonassis; and more.

    • Harp Column Interviews Marguerite Lynn Williams

      Interview with Marguerite Lynn Williams; articles on tuning and social networking for harpists; arranger profile featuring Kim Robertson; CD reviews of Duo Scorpio and Yumiko Endo Schaffe releases; and more.