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l&h 150th birthday festival

10 things you don't know about Angel Padilla

"One of my great accomplishments was to be able to study with the teachers I chose," says Angel Padilla.

Angel Padilla will perform opening night (Wed. June 4) at the Lyon & Healy 150th Birthday Festival.

1. What was the moment you knew you wanted to become a harpist?
When I was 5 years old and I listened to my first harp concert. Nicanor Zabaleta playing Handel, Boieldieu, Dittersdorf, and the Debussy Dances all on the same program.

2. What’s your absolute favorite piece to play on the harp and why?
It is difficult to choose one but I feel very identified with the Aranjuez Concerto. I can...

featured piece

Embracing the Wind (Paterson, Robert)

  • Composer(s)
    Paterson, Robert
  • Instrumentation
    Harp, Flute and Viola
  • Duration
  • Who's playing:
    0 players are working on this piece right now.
  • Program Notes

    My original inspiration for Embracing the Wind was the image of an Olympic athlete running against the wind. The process of writing this work eventually shifted me to more abstract thoughts, such as the concept of creating music that sounds flexible and has wind-like, ebb-and-flow qualities. I try to achieve this by creating musical zephyrs from repeated motives and smooth phrases that utilize gradual dynamic swells and subtle tempo fluxuations. In this sense, Embracing the Wind...


Paraguayan Harp, 36 strings, $1,250 o.b.o.

Several unique features: the harp neck is designed so that strings come from center of neck...


John Yule harp, Carnethy model, lever harp, 34 strings, emerald green, $2,500 o.b.o.

Full Loveland levers, carved column. Big, rich sound. Includes padded carrying case with...

Wurlitzer CCX, semi-grand, 46 strings, gold, $33,000

Serial #1184, just back from factory, completely rebuilt and regilded. The sound of this harp is...

Lyon & Healy Style 23, pedal harp, gold, $35,000

Serial #4341, regilded. Includes canvas cover, wood trunk and bird's eye maple harp bench....

Camac Electric Baby Blue, french blue, $4,800

New instrument direct from France, handheld with shoulder straps. Must sell due to health issues....

Dusty Strings Introduces the Boulevard

Dusty Strings introduces their first concert-tension lever harp, the Boulevard Classic.

Folk harp manufacturer Dusty Strings has just introduced the company's first concert-tension lever harp, the Boulevard Classic model. The 34-string harp is designed "specifically for classical players and students," says Dusty Strings. "The concert-tension gut strings provide a shorter sustain than other Dusty Strings models, making the Boulevard an ideal choice for classical repertoire."

The Boulevard is based on Dusty's Ravenna 34 model and "offers players...


Harp Column Hints For Posting

How to make your posts look their best

September 18, 2012
From HC Staff's blog:

As a music scholar, I of course like to make my meaning as clear as possible. So I always make sure to use the special Markdown syntax to format my posts so they look their best! Here's how you can do the same:


Line spaces between blocks of type -- paragraphs, in other words -- are very easy. Just separate them with an extra "enter" (hit "enter" twice).

Bold and Italics

It's very easy to add emphasis with bold and italics! I made this line by typing in the...



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